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Capstone Planning Solutions, LLC
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Simply put, our mission at Capstone Planning Solutions is protecting individuals and families from the catastrophic expenses of long-term care:

  • For some it might mean preserving assets to educate grandchildren.
  • For others, their goal is keeping the family business intact so it can be passed on to yet another generation.
  • Some simply want to protect their spouse from the financial burden or keep from outliving their money.
  • Still others desire to maintain their independence and choose quality care in their own homes.
  • Many appreciate the protection that can keep the burden of the care giving off their extended family.

Whatever the goal, we quite literally “shop the market” for each client. We have a variety of resources and computer software programs that enable us to analyze and compare all the policies available in the state to find the products that offer the best advantages for each client given their age, health, and desires they seek to accomplish. 

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