Cindy Sherwin LTCIS, Inc. – Cindy Sherwin

You’ve worked too hard to save enough for retirement, only to see your nest egg disappear when an accident or chronic illness occurs.

Typically with a couple, the first spouse to need care is dependent on the healthy spouse and the couple’s personal assets to get through the situation. Often, the second spouse is left impoverished. Certainly that isn’t the couple’s intent when they planned for their retirement years, but leaving out this piece of the financial puzzle can have devastating effects.
Long term care insurance pays for custodial care, as well as other levels of care. In other words, it pays for caregivers to help you through your day when it becomes difficult for you to perform the activities of daily living (ADLs) without assistance due to accident, illness, or the effects of aging.

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National Care Planning Council – Stuart Paxton

Many people are concerned these days with their financial future. Whether it’s protecting and preserving assets or picking the right Medicare plan, they want the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will be covered for whatever life sends their way. Independence, not being a burden on family, these are the things that buying insurance pays for; a SECURE FUTURE. Whether it’s Life, Medicare or Long Term Care coverage (or a combination) , finding the best value is what I will find for you. For 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of clients navigate this sometimes confusing world. I’ve chosen to specialize in these areas because I’ve seen the results of careful planning in my family. “Medicaid will cover me if something happens”…famous last words? Should we assume that our Federal and State safety net will be there 20/30 years from now when something wipes out our life’s savings? Who knows. Buying insurance is a private thing. It has to meet a need and it has to be affordable. I’d welcome the chance to act as your guide. I will listen, be a sounding board and I promise to only make suggestions and recommendations that I believe will be in your best interest.

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Caldwell Insurance Services, LLC – Renee Caldwell

The single biggest threat to a sound retirement plan is the absence of long-term care insurance. Many people don't consider the costs of living longer and the exponential rise in health care costs. Annual cost of $59,000 today will cost $252,000 in 30 years and $410,000 in 40 years. A full service agency, we represent the major and most active Long-Term Care insurance, Life insurance and Final Expense companies out there. We take pride in being able to offer our clients the best product that best fits their needs with our commitment to helping people and their families be prepared for that difficult time in life. Please visit Our Services and Companies we represent and contact us today!

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Simply LTC Benefits – Mark Rogers

Since 2003, I have had the privilege of helping families build their health-care options during a family health crisis. As we see the pending Baby Boomer longterm crisis starting around 2025 and beyond, I am emphatic about building some kind of LTC strategy for each family that provides care support during a LTC crisis. As I serve the Tri-Cities Estate Planning Council in the LTC Specialist capacity. In addition, I have served as the local President of NAIFA Tri-Cities (National Association of Financial Advisors). For 2015 I have volunteered in serving as Board Secretary for SHRM (Society of Human Resources). When we chat together, I look forward hearing what your experience has been with long-term care, and ask thought-provoking questions that may lead to building a LTC strategy might look for you, your spouse, and your children.

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