Rachel Faiga

phone: 203.331.1818
email: RFaiga@LTPlan.com

Rachel Faiga, a pioneer in Long-Term Care Insurance, has worked exclusively in the field for 25 years. Today, Rachel is a nationally recognized leader in the business. Her goal is to help clients find the solution most appropriate for their unique situation. Rachel’s approach is an educational one. Education is a critical step in making a good decision about something as important as Long-Term Care Insurance. She meets her clients’ needs by providing that important education, and then working to design a plan, based on what really matters to them.

Rachel currently has many clients on claim. Her role as an advisor, hand holder, coordinator and confidant, during that difficult period, is her commitment to her clients from day one. Over the years, servicing her clients has helped her understand where Long-Term Care Insurance can make a difference. Rachel has learned, from experience, what aspects of Long-Term Care Insurance are most valuable. This guides her as she helps her clients through the decision-making process. She has seen firsthand, time and time again, what a long-term care crisis can do to families.

In addition to helping thousands of individual families over the years define their needs for long-term care and do the appropriate planning, Rachel, and her firm, Long-Term Planning Associates, LLC, have been selected by leading educational institutions, major hospitals, nursing homes, and corporations, to offer Long-Term Care Insurance to their employees and members. The combination of education and customized plans, without pressure to purchase any product, is key to their offerings.