Paul Cochran

phone: 865.691.6699

Paul W. Cochran got his start in the Long-Term Care industry back in January of 1993. Paul is regarded as an expert in the financial risks and opportunities of retirement. For over 20 years he has been teaching investors age 45+ how to preserve their assets from the devastating effects of long-term care and market volatility. Paul’s company has grown into a comprehensive financial practice that includes tax planning, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, and an insurance division. Paul is among a growing group of financial professionals obtaining the wealth management skill set of the future. The Certified Wealth Strategist® designation (CWS®), administered by Cannon Financial Institute, recognizes those individuals completing a thorough study of the issues surrounding effective wealth advising to comprehensively address clients’ wealth management needs. The CWS® designation provides financial services professionals with the technical knowledge, practice management know-how and the critical client communication skills to create and build a wealth advisory practice that works effectively for clients with more complex wealth issues. Paul graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1983 and undertook his postgraduate work at Columbia Biblical Seminary where he received a Certificate in Biblical Studies. He lives with his wife of 27 years in Knoxville. They have 2 adult children and one grandchild.