Mark Rogers

phone: 877.828.4900

Since 2003, Mark has been involved in helping families build their health-care options during a family health crisis. Seeing the pending Baby Boomer long-term crisis starting around 2025 and beyond, Mark provides education on long-term strategies that continue to evolve for both families and employer alike.

Mark serves in Estate Planning Council as the LTC Specialist in the Tri-Cities. In addition, he has served as local President of NAIFA Tri-Cities (National Association of Financial Advisors) where he has spoken in the broader association around long-term care laws being developed by Washington State. For 2015 he is serving as Board Secretary for SHRM (Society of Human Resources).

As long-term care solutions are becoming increasing diverse based on age and demographic, Mark’s simple and friendly education in each conversation covers the increasing Washington State legislation as well as the affordability of a variety of solutions that surround the family during a time of an EXTENDED-CARE EVENT.

Mark has been married for 22 years, and with their 3 children, keeps busy with them on their small farm in Prosser. He enjoys working with clients all over eastern Washington and Oregon. Mark welcomes each conversation, including the medical-challenging questions many bring up around seeking for coverage.