Mark Baron

phone: 617.823.8334

Mark Baron owns Baron Long-Term Care Planning in Andover, MA, specializing in long-term care financial products since 2003. He is licensed in several states. Mark began his career in long-term care planning after his own family went through a series of extended care events. Some of these experiences also included younger family members, under the age of 60. He discovered that the public desperately needs to be educated and be proactive before dealing with the potential crisis that very few are prepared to face, but so many will. Waiting to plan for this can be disastrous. For those who are already receiving care, there are strategies that may be employed to protect a major part of the estate. The use of certain types of annuities may be suitable as a last ditch asset preserver for the right families.Mark serves as the long-term care chair of the legislative committee for the Massachusetts Association of Health Underwriters and also on the long-term care committee for the national association as well. He has appeared in many radio shows, including a regular weekly spot in the Boston and surrounding markets. Mark is a regular speaker at several events, and he teaches training and certifications classes.

Long-term care planning includes many different types of products with several variables to each. It’s no wonder that many financial and legal professionals seek help from long-term care specialists. Mark works with many of his own clients, but his main focus is as a general agent, partnering with and supporting financial professionals, to assist them with their clients.

Baron-Long Term Care Planning represents the major carriers for long-term care products, including plans with linked benefits, life insurance with long-term care riders, and immediate annuities.