Jon Christopher - Managing Partner

phone: 801.544.5988

I live in the small town of Kaysville, Utah, where I own and operate Intermountain Insurance Advisory Group, a small insurance agency that specializes in long-term-care insurance and Medicare related products for seniors. Just recently I’ve added some new agents who will add life insurance and annuities to our portfolio. We market up and down the entire Wasatch Front and we’re super happy to be a part of LTCPG. I’ve met hundreds of people over the years who work in the insurance industry and by far and away the best ones I’ve ever met are all affiliated with LTCPG.

I like the outdoors and go hiking in our beautiful mountains as often as I can. I ride bikes – one of them weighs about 17 pounds and makes me sweat a lot, and the other one weighs about 700 pounds and makes a lot of noise when I rev it up. Interesting that I tend to wear a helmet while pedaling the slow one, but not when I’m flying down the freeway on the fast one? Hmm. I play the guitar and love almost all music except rap, but my passion is skiing. Nothing gets me more enthused than a snowstorm. I seriously live to ski. My dream job would be if I could somehow just get up every morning and hit the slopes.

I have a beautiful and wonderful eternal companion named Susan, who passed away in September 2016. She was a special lady who made me what I am today. I have five extremely talented children – two boys (one who works for Intermountain Insurance and one who works for LTCPG) and three girls (one of which works for Intermountain Insurance). There’s no bounds to my nepotism I guess, but when the best person for the job also happens to be one of your kids…. How great is that? I have nine exceptional grandkids – four girls and five boys – and I’d do absolutely anything for any one of them. I used to think having kids was great, but after having grandkids I can honestly say that I fully comprehend the meaning of the word “Joy”.

The first ten years of my insurance career were spent as a producer and I had great success because I had great teachers, trainers and mentors, some of whom I’ve lost track of, some of whom have passed on, and most of which, thankfully, are my Partners at LTCPG. I had some great training at LTPC and Capstone Financial Advisors and owe so much to those who mentored me at those two companies. Now as the President of Intermountain Insurance Advisory Group here in Utah and the Managing Member of LTCPG nationwide, I spend most of my time at a desk with a phone up to each ear while I hammer out emails, but I love what I do. I love the people I work with, I love my Partners at LTCPG, and I love the fact that I’m at a point in my career that allows me to go skiing about as often as I want to.

The most important thing in my life is my family, who I love very much. Family is everything to me, which is why LTCPG is such a comfortable place to be, because it’s just like family.