Jeff Baker

phone: 865.588.8224 | toll-free: 866.588. 2200

Bachelor of Science degree from the University of TN in 1984.

Married to Mary Lou Baker since February 1988.

We have three grown children ages 23 through 18. Our son is our oldest and he is also a Marine. He was born while we were missionaries in Malaysia 22 years ago.

Our two daughters are both in school; one is in college studying Deaf Education and the our youngest daughter is a senior in high school.

I have over 16 years as a Long Term Care insurance specialist.

Today there are many types of products that effectively help cover the long term care risk. For most clients a traditional LTC policy might be wise while for others a hybrid or combo product would better serve them.

I also specialize in Life Insurance and Medicare products, and a few ancilliary products. I broker all these products to bring the best values to my clients and I enjoy educating them and helping them make informed decisions.

My wife and I are privileged to be Dave Ramsey endorsed local providers.