Ira Barnett

phone: 714.983.7901

In 2004, my wife and I moved to California to help with our two year-old Special Needs granddaughter. I had been in financial services since 1980, planning for the life, long term care and disability insurance needs of my clients, their families and businesses.

After arriving in California, Marilyn and I experienced the myriad of passions and family dynamics of caring for someone requiring long-term care for her entire life. We became involved in the daily challenges of scheduling and of obtaining medical and non-medical care. These events reinforced a focus on LTC planning that had begun to grow in the early 1990’s.

During the last two years of my mother’s battle with colon cancer, I became caught up in the family frictions that arose over how to care for Mom — keep her at home, go to a nursing facility try assisted living, engage hospice??? It all came together during my almost 3 years as a Long Term Care Consultant for a division of Marsh & McLennan. I worked with financial advisors — CFP’s, attorneys, accountants, stock and insurance brokers. I helped them, and their clients, incorporate LTC planning and products into the financial, estate and retirement plans they created.

Since leaving Marsh, I’ve continued to consult with financial advisors and their clients. How to plan for and manage the costs of an LTC event has become my professional and personal passion. Helping reduce the emotional, financial and physical distress of caring for loved ones over an extended period of years, allows me to engage that passion.